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Janine Carter


Janine is a Geologist and GIS Analyst specializing in the development of site-specific geodatabases. Her experience includes field work and analysis for groundwater remediation, reclamation, oil and gas drilling, and mining exploration and operation. She is proficient in using ArcGIS®, ArcMap®, Spatial Analyst®, and other geotechnical programs for mapping, exploration and operational project phases. She has produced large-scale mineral exploration geology maps in ArcGIS. Additionally, she is skilled in applying advanced hydrogeology and groundwater modeling programs, e.g., MODFLOW. She has performed large-scale soil sampling and core logging for gold exploration.

Education & Certifications

Bachelor of Science in Geology – Eastern Washington University, 2009

Graduate Studies in Hydrogeology and Geochemistry, University of Montana 2010 to 2011