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John Young

GIS Specialist/Cost Estimator

John Young specializes in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), graphic design, and the preparation of cost estimates for environmental cleanup projects. Since 2010, John has employed a wide variety of computer programs to generate over 1,000 figures for numerous environmental characterization documents and presentations for both government agencies and private clients. Documents John has supported include Corrective Measure Studies, Field Investigations, RCRA Facility Investigations, Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis, RI/FS Reports, Oil Spill Response, Countermeasure and Cleanup Plans, Removal Action Work Plans, Closure Plans, and a Groundwater Quality Report for an active nuclear power plant.

John has field experience collecting water samples, assisting in conducting vegetation surveys, performing Phase 1 site assessments, and collecting geospatial data for mapping of site features and gathering necessary attribute data and photographs. He is also well-versed in performing extensive site background research, regularly sifting though archived site data, engineering drawings and reports to collect vital information necessary for client decision support, project visioning, and planning activities.

Education & Certifications

Bachelor of Arts, Geography - Central Washington University, 2010

Master of Business Administration - Western Governors University, 2016